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    Simple music recording

    When I was younger I was forced to play an instrument with all of the usual platitudes that parents deliver on such occasions. When I got older I realised they may have been right and complained that I should have kept it up so that by now I'd be good at it.

    In response my girlfriend got me a keyboard and I started taking lessons.

    Then I spotted a cover story about getting creative with Linux in this month's Linux Format.

    Feeling inspired I bought myself a usb midi lead and hooked it up to my kubuntu box.

    Installing rosegarden and dependencies was handled by apt, but hooking everything up was pretty tricky. In the end I found this very brief guide.

    It's a bit cargo cult, and I'm not sure if it will survive a reboot, but I can now record my keyboard to my Linux computer and have a bash at composing something fun. The only problem is Rosegarden records and displays exactly what I play, which is usually a bit different to what I was trying to play. Oh well, practice makes perfect.

    If anyone else is trying this out and wants a bit of help, then I might be able to give you more than I could yesterday.


    (I wonder if I can attach midi files to messages...)
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    Recording MIDI\Audio

    Hey Chris,

    If Rosegarden is you cuppa tea, work away, personally im not used to that type of software, im using LMMS and Ardour to compose music..

    LMMS will host any VST\VSTi plugin that you throw at it, (well most anyway) and using Qsynth or else a ZynSubAddFx, you can get all sorts of crazy sounds..

    If your only playin piano and not trying to compose full tracks (with drums & bass lines) Ill suggest that you try using Jack to connect your Keyboad to Qsynth, and load a nice piano soundfont from here. In Jack you can then connect the Audio out from Qsynth to one of Ardours audio tracks..??

    Just suggestions! Peace -Harry

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