hi, i've been using debian for a while now with OSS4 and it works great for me. I've always wanted to have both my speakers and my headphones connected to my computer at the same time, so that sound comes out of both my headphones and speakers, this way i can easily switch between headphones and speakers by muting one of them. I've been looking for how to do this for a while and i can't find anyplace for something similar.I have an M2R32-MVP motherboard with a 8 channel soundmax onboard card. (ADI AD1988A). i have 6 stereo jack ports(line in, front speaker out, mic in, side speaker out, read spear out, center/subwoofer) and 1 S/PDIF port.

Im thinking that maybe the easiest way to do this is to use the front speaker out and another of the jacks and route the same sound through both of them, but no sound comes out of any of the other jacks except for the front speaker out jack. Is there any way to tell my computer to send the sound through both jacks?

(p.s)I have an converter that lets me use my speakers with the S/PDIF port, but no sound comes out of that too.