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    Greenish static-like takes place of the image sometimes

    Something like this...

    ... will often appear when I'm watching some video, in any program, of any format. The audio continues normally, but the actual image disappears. This is not quite like tv "static", which "moves" somewhat, but it's quite "frozen" for most of the time.

    It does not always happen (I think it never happens with youtube and the like), but apparently the probability increases with the length of the video, alternating between many video files, or just watching something at the same time I do something else, like browsing the internet or whatever.

    It can be circumvented by changing the video driver some other thing than xv, playing, then changing back to xv (which is one of the few ones which acually work... got to test it better too), stopping and playing.

    But probably there must be a way to fix it definitely. Or at least I hope so.

    My video card is somewhat old, I think it may be the issue itself, but I don't know. It's Nvidia Geforce4 MX 4000. The proprietary driver is installed and working, almost fine, except for some eventual "vestiges" on the screen that will not disappear until I move some window over it, or anything else that force the image to be "updated".

    I'm also using debian Lenny, which is in a weird situation right now, regarding some multimedia packages.

    Anyone had this issue and knows how to fix it? Or at least knows what is most likely the cause? I'm thinking about testing to see how it goes with the "nv" (non-proprietary) driver on xorg, but somewhat reluctant because of all the configurations that may need to be changed. And may not even be the cause.
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