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    Linux based video game console

    I am planning out a video game console that will be based off Linux and is meant for people who love games and want to easily develop for it.

    The question is, which of these 2 routes should it go?

    1. Should a small, cheap console be made, for those who are interested in more retro/simple games.

    2. Should it be a game console capable of running many 3D games.


    I am personally in favor of router #1 since a better package can be put out. For example if its aimed at retro people, cheaper hardware can be used and more development can be done for it. Along with the console will come a book, printed material, tutorials, demos, free game...etc etc This can be done much easier than for a console that is beefier and aimed more at a wider range which includes those 3D linux fans who probably have a ps3/xbox360/wii....The console could have network play, and a menu where it can list all the other games available for the console where it can download directly to the console. I was thinking of setting up a small publishing company with it where I could sponsor a pyweek/ludumDare type event and the top winners get thier games published onto SD cards and comes in box with case/stickers/printed manual. The winner would get some cash as well.

    If I went with route #2, it would be opened to more people but the hardware would cost much more. I get the feeling that those would rather just play thier ps3/xbox360/wii. Getting a SDK made would be much harder.....

    I think there is a niche of people who fit this:
    -Likes retro games
    -Likes Linux
    -Likes free software and its benefits
    -Would like to learn basic game development

    If anyone is interested please PM me.

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    Number 1

    Go for number 1

    It would cost you much less time to make, and much less money. Also, there are some great games out there that aren't very graphically intense at all.

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    Yup, I'd go for option 1 as well. This way you can introduce it at a lower cost. Plus, once you get the ball rolling, I'm sure (being open-sourced) more and more people will be interested to tag along with the process.

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    The X-box distro covers number 1 for a console, and the open pandora allready exists for a handheld option. I'd go for number 2, or just join one of the other projets.

    not trying to persuade you to not do what you like. If you are doing this for fun, do it, but there exists projects allready, and it's easier to join one of them then write (or build) from scratch.
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    Yes! Number 1, Plz

    I need some Linux of Zelda and MegaMan Linux

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