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    Wine and my driver problems.

    Im using Samurai which uses Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy and has Wine on it and Im having trouble getting games to work with it. I downloaded ATI drivers using Envy and I got them installed. I can run compiz fusion great and Im really digging it.

    I tried to use the restricted drivers so that I can play games cuz thats what the tool tip said to do. lol But after I restart it says that it cant find my hardware and goes into low graphics mode and my desktop can only be at 800x600. SO I went back and installed through envy again and didn't use the restricted drivers.

    I also tried to fire up Guild Wars without the restricted drivers and it looks all glitched out and I can't make sense out of anything.

    Im really wanting this to work because if I can get some of my favorite games to run well in linux I might never use windows again. Well except for my music stuff. unless there are some really good music recording programs for linux.

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    Apparently compiz inteferes with some games, so that might be part of your problem. Other than that, I know little about this sort of thing...

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    wine needs PlayOnLinux

    For someone like me who isn't a superuser, you can't go wrong with PlayOnLinux.
    That said, it can be fun to get it working, and it is still stuck on Hardy, not Intrepid. Easiest was to install is search for it, go to the download part of the page, and add it as a software source (using the terminal in applications>Accessories. Then go to add/remove programs in the Applications bar, and search for PlayOnL (or however many letters you need to only have the right application). Select it, and it will install, but won't show up. You will have to right click on applications, select edit menus, and find it. Then click the box so it will show in a menu, and you can run it.
    Once you run it, put the disk in the drive, and click install in playonlinux. then select your game and follow the instructions...

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