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    .mp3 to .wav. to .rm

    I don't have a question; I am posting this for the benefit of those who may be searching for information along these lines.

    My family runs a business. I maintain and build the web site for the business. The radio station sends us commercials, and then I put them on the website. The commercials arrive in my email box in .mp3 format.

    I put the commercials on the website in .rm format. RealProducer can be downloaded for free, and it comes in a flavor that is ported for Linux. Unfortunately, .mp3 cannot be turned directly in .rm files, but . wav files can be.

    Mandrake 10.0 comes with a nice little program called Audacity. I can convert my .mp3 to .wav with this program. I then can use my free version of RealProducer to covert my new .wav file to .rm format.

    Easy as pie.

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    Good info.

    Have used RealProducer on w32 in days gone by. Do they have RealProducer for linux?
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    At least they have a privacy guarantee:

    "(Privacy guarantee: Real will not sell, rent or give away your email address or personal information.)"

    Also, if you wanted to remain anonymous, I am sure you could make up a name, email, etc. and still get the download.

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