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    Please help overcome DVD region encoding

    A few years ago I moved from Australia to California and I legitmately own DVD's from both regions ( 4 & 1 I believe ) as well as few I have with no region encoding at all (Monty Python and a few others).

    I downloaded some cracked firmware to my DVDROM and bought some shareware (RegionFree DVD?) software for Windows that was supposed to allow me to play DVD's from any region and for the most part I can now watch all regions.

    However, we do occassionally rent or buy a new release (e.g. Shrek, Finding Nemo) and when i put it in the drive the system just doesnt recognize it. Sometimes (e.g. Finding Nemo ) I get a small way into loading the menu but then it hangs.

    So I bought Mandrake and compiled MPlayer and it is working for some of my DVD's but not all. It seems like Mandrake needs to recognize the disc as a DVD first and mount it before I can start MPlayer. For some discs this step does not happen.

    I realize this post is abit vague on details (like which DVD's are which region and which play and which dont, and which versions of software and OS I am using).

    What I'm really looking for right now is a HOW-TO or FAQ that will give me a better understanding of exactly what are all the forces of evil I am up against and what steps I need to perform under Linux in what order so that I can watch ANY DVD, if such a thing is even possible. Perhaps my search terms are not quite right, I just cant find any helpful and complete documentation.

    I will appreciate any advice to get me started and I will hack away for a few days then come back with specific questions and specific details.

    Kind regards.

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    I can't help much, but you might want to start here:

    Unlike most similar projects, libdvdcss doesn't require the region of your drive to be set.
    Hope that helps!
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