I have 2 computers, one with Hardy Heron Ubuntu, and one with Intrepid Ibex Kubuntu.

On the Hardy Heron box, I have Kgoldrunner 2 installed, and I really like the game. It fulfills the jones for loderunner, and I like the layout.

On the Intrepid box, I installed Kgoldrunner. Version 4 came down the pipes from the repository via Synaptic. Problem is I don't like Version 4. I like Version 2. Apparently the Intrepid repository has Version 4 and the Hardy repository has Version 2.

Soooo...... how can I get version 2 installed on the Intrepid box? I presume that Hardy uses one repository and Intrepid uses another. Also, how can I get a tarball or something so that in the future I can ALWAYS install version 2, even if we're by then on version Zesty Zebra or something?? (See my commitment to Linux!? I'm planning to still be using it in some years.)