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    Games on Windows vs Cedega

    How do playing games on Cedega compare to playing games on Windows (XP/Vista)? Better? Worse?

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    Worse of course.
    Cedega can only try to mimic Windows. This only works with limited success.
    And even if it was mimiced perfectly, it would still cost performance to do so.
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    I'm not a fan of Cedega at all. It sells itself as being 100% professional but really it's as hit or miss as Wine. At least Wine is free and open source and there are several graphical front ends to give you a similar experience to Cedega.

    Performance wise with both Cedega and Wine, there are reports that for programs that do work flawlessy that there are sometimes performance increases. I'm not sure that on the whole it's worth it considering the failure/success ratio.

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    I've actualy had more success with wine than cedega. I used cedega for a couple games, gave up with them not working, and got them working with wine on the first try. Cedega is crap IMO
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    The only real benefit I had using Cedega over WINE was their graphical interface, which was only a "benefit" when it worked properly. Most of the time I'd have had the same result just using WINE. Don't waste your money.

    If you're a big gamer, I would suggest keeping a dual-boot system. Microsoft Windows games will always run better on the system for which they were designed.
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    wine is better than cedega,having said that there are some games that will only run on windows.

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    You may also want to look into the gamers edition of Code Weaver's Crossover. Same deal as cedega. It's just wine with some tweaks. But if you're going to pay for a wine variant, I think cross-over is a little better.

    But really, it's all Wine
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