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    Are there any DVD Rippers without Transcoding?

    Anyone who's used dvd-decrypter on windows in the past knows what I mean. It would be incredibly useful to be able to copy the VIDEO_TS folder directly from disc to hdd. Then it can be burned to a dual-layer disc as is, or compressed to burn to a 4.7 GB dvd, or stipped of menus and fiddled with, or converted to avi if that's your thing.

    At the moment I'm still using windows app's running via wine to do things like that (DVDFab to rip and DVD2One to compress). So far I cannot find any native tool that can JUST rip a dvd, inc menus.

    Everytime I find a linux dvdripper I end up disappointed. I think what's really annoying about tools like these is that they are not what they say on the tin.

    They TRANSCODE the source files from dvd compliant vobs to avi's. How is that the same as something like DVDdecrypter which actually just ripped the dvd from disc to the hdd? Leaving it fully intact and untouched (less the copy protection)

    They are not true dvd-rippers. As far as I know there is no native linux dvd-ripper.

    mplayer actually comes closest for me coz it can easily dump the main film as a huge vob. But still, it's not the same as being able to make a proper backup of your dvd's.

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    I've never looked for what you are asking for, so I can't say I've come across an application that does just that. But I can say that several rippers have the option to copy the DVD to disc first so that may help. OGMrip is one app that does that (it's configurable in the preferences).

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    Thanks bigtom, I'd never heard of that OGMrip before. I've been to their website and read through the manual & is DOES say that they have a DVD Copy option

    DVD Copy

    * Copy DVD on hard drive before encoding: The DVD title is copied on the hard drive before the encoding. It takes a lot of disk space (between 5 and 10 GB) but it notably accelerates the encoding.

    That sounds about right, hopefully it copies the whole dvd to disc, rather than just the film. It's in the Arch repos too

    But it'd take up 187mb's of space including dependancies (mainly boost I think). So I think I'll see if one of the other rippers has a suitable copy to disc option hidden away somewhere before I try this one.


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    Let me know how you get on. Good luck

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    I've tried dvdbackup from reed's post (first link). It was in my repo and is a very small install with a decent sourceforge info page. It's also one of the tools that goes into making lxdvdrip.

    Seems to work fine. It backed up 6.6GB from a National Treasure dvd, including all the menus. Took a very long time compared to windows software but it did exactly what I was after and copied the whole VIDEO_TS folder and it's unaltered contents.

    I'll try out ogmrip some of the other too. Thanks for the help

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