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    Can't view videos or hear music on music sites

    I can't hear anything when I try listen to music online or online radio, like Pandora. How do I download the necessary flashplayer? I am very ignorant when it comes to computers so please be as specific as possible. I opened up the terminal to add a command to add the flashplayer, then it asked for my password but wouldn't let me type. My screen says Unbuntu and it is a Linux. If you need any additional info about my computer you have to let me know how to retrieve it.

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    Welcome to the forums!

    Passwords in Linux are not echoed to the screen, so nothing is supposed to show up. Enter your password just as if it were showing up, then press ENTER.

    Try this command for installing flashplayer:

    sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree

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    Note that when you use "sudo" and it asks for a password, you will not generally see characters displayed as you type. It is still working, however.

    Here's help with installing all the restricted formats you need to play a lot of movies and music:

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    Can't view videos or hear music on music sites

    Ok, I was wrong. It is not that my computer doesn't have sound because when it comes on I hear the system music, but when I go on sites like, I can't watch any videos or hear any music, why, and how can I fix it?

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    Still isn

    I was able to add the command, but I am still unable to view videos, hear the video or hear music, do you know what I need to do now?

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    Audio Device Busy... i got that error when there were two simultaneous channels trying to access the Sound card...

    See in System-->Preferences / System-->Administration... There is a option for sound in either of the two ....

    Select Teh Sound Menu.... And in that u will see the various sound devices alloted... Check them all which work for u...

    Select the playback tab first, then select the sound driver from the list provided.. Click on the play button besides the tab.. If u hear a beep voice...ur sound device is workin...Then select the same driver for all the options..Thats what i did when i got the error in Amarok the first time... Now i dont get any error, n can play files in any media player in Ubuntu with ease...

    If not... Select AutoDetect as the driver in all tabs... That might also solve ur problem

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