Hello, I am new to this forum but not to linux. I am looking for a simple linux distribution that I can install on a newoware CA2 thinclient to sream media from my home server.

The CA2 has a 800mhz VIA cpu, and a VIA grafics card. and from what I can tell it has similar specs to an XBOX (what I currently use to stream media with XBMC) However I have been having difficulty getting much working on it. no version of ubuntu newer that 7.10 will boot (udev error) and when using 7.10 I can install XBMC but it wont run due to missing opengl drivers. I have also played around with other projects such as Movix and Geexbox.

All I want is for it to boot, and be able to stream avi and other assorted media files via SMB and UPNP shares and output them to a HDTV connected through a VGA port. Ideally I would also like to have firefox for web browsing and add a bluetooth dongle with a wiimote to act as a remote.

I am quite sure that this device is powerful enough to do this. for example I have a Nokia N810 running at 400mhz that can do all of this. but that is an ARM computer running Maemo.

So, does anyone have any ideas or sugjestions?