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Thread: Music Slideshow

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    YouTube will accept many formats, and they then convert it to their own format. I uploaded a .mpg file once. A DVD .vob file is a type of mpg file. You can change the .vob to .mpg, in the file's name, if you have trouble playing a .vob file.

    As for wmv files. I just picked up a copy of Gran Torino on Bluray, for my dad. It has a .wmv version included so I opened it to copy it. Seems it is infected with DRM, and Linux won't play it. There is a windows app that finds the key (drmdbg.exe), which I then used on a Linux app (FreeMe2) to remove the DRM! Dad can now have the DVD, and I have a copy that I can watch in Linux!

    Of course, I OWN the DVD, at least until I give it to my dad. This would be illegal if you didn't own it!
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    My First YouTube Video

    Inspired by this thread I created my first and second YouTube videos.

    YouTube's preference is "We specifically recommend the MPEG4 (Divx, Xvid) format at 640x480 resolution with MP3 audio" as per
    YouTube - Making and Optimizing Your Videos
    So I used mencoder to convert the manDVD's *.vob to a *.mpg in the recommended format. Funny though YouTube seems to then make it 425x344

    I also used xvidcap to record a video showing all the steps I used to make the video. The How-To is:
    YouTube - Make A Slideshow For YouTube Using Linux
    The Music SlideShow is:
    YouTube - Mt. Shasta Slides
    When viewing the How-To it is easier to read the screen with YouTube in Full Screen mode.
    NOTE: you should never upload anything to the web that you did not create yourself or have rights to, or can prove is in the public domain.

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