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Thread: Music Slideshow

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    Music Slideshow

    I want to put a song on Youtube. So basically I am going to make a video with the album art throughout and then have the song as the audio.

    How can I do this in Ubuntu, I have been trying for hours now.

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    I think what you need is a video editor if I f reading you correctly. There is Cinelerra and a few other "simple" video editors. I've used Open Movie Editor before and it's pretty easy. All require some getting used to though.
    apt-get install openmovieeditor
    ...or look for it in Synaptic package manager.
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    I tried and got 5 GB files with just audio and no video.

    I tried Open Movie Editor, Cinelerra, Kino, Pitvi and Avidemuex.

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    The digiKam program has the option to create a mpeg slide show. This should be all you need.
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    Can I put music to it?

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    Yes, but I seem to have run into a problem. The mpeg slideshow option seems to be missing in the latest version of digiKam (ver 0.10.0). On another PC, I have ver 9.2, and that option is there.

    Edit: It could be a distro thing. The version with the mpeg slideshow option is on Fedora 8. The version without it is on Ubuntu 9.04.
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    OK, the plugin for making a MPEG slideshow hasn't been ported to Qt4/ KDE4 yet. It is a Kipi Plugin, called MpegEncoder. That is why It isn't available on the latest version of Ubuntu.
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    What's QT4?

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    Hi mpg198,
    I use Ubuntu 9.04 and make slide shows with music that I put on DVDs that can play on the TV's DVD player. But I've never tried making something in a format for YouTube. What format do they accept?
    For my TV DVDs I use Audacity (to join multiple mp3 files), manDVD to make the slide show with sound (*.vob) and DeVeDe to make a movie.iso that I burn with brasero.

    (I understand QT4 to be the "widget set" used by KDE, window controls, buttons etc, GNOME uses a different set, gtk-2.0. After a while you'll notice the difference when you run a program in Gnome and say this must have been written for KDE, k3B for example)

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    I am not sure exactly what format they accept. Probably most of the major ones. I know they accept WMV because Windows users use Windows Movie Maker which only exports to WMV (I hate WMV)

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