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Thread: Mpeg2Enc

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    So I got everything installed and working like it is supposed to but wondering what I am missing. mpeg2encode tells me it is missing a segment that I cannot add onto the convert command without that erroring out, example below:

    [root@XXXXXXXXX X_X_X_X]# convert suedella9590*.jpg suedel.mpg
    **ERROR: [mpeg2encode] Output file name (-o option) is required!

    Then I get this:

    [root@XXXXXXXXX X_X_X_X]# convert suedella9590*.jpg -o suedel.mpeg
    convert: unrecognized option `-o'.

    Any thoughts of files I have to edit for this?
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    I have no experience with mpeg2enc, so I was reading up on it. The Mjpeg Tools documentation at Sorceforge only uses it when it is piped from another process. The man pages say this:
           mpeg2enc is heavily enhanced derivative of the MPEG Software Simulation Groupís  MPEG-2  reference  encoder.   It
           accepts  streams in a simple planar YUV format "YUV4MPEG" produced by the lav2yuv and related filters (e.g. yuvs‐
           caler(1)) from the mjpegtools(1) package.  An output plug-in to the mpeg2dec(1) MPEG decoder is available to per‐
           mit  its  use  in  transcoding  applications.  The  encoder currently fully supports the generation of elementary
           MPEG-1, progressive and interlaced frame MPEG-2 streams.  Field encoded MPEG-2 is also possible but is  not  cur‐
           rently maintained or supported.
    So then here is one of the examples from the web site:
    lav2yuv video.eli | yuvdenoise | yuvfps -r 24000:1001 | yuvscaler -O SIZE_720x480 | mpeg2enc -f 3 -b 4000 -q 7 -o video_ntsc.m2v
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    You could downloading drivers (DIVX?) or using something like Super C instead.

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    Personally, I prefer to use ffmpeg, though I haven't used it to create a slide show from jpeg files like this.
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