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Thread: OGM or AVI?

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    OGM or AVI?

    I am using OGMrip to get all my movies onto my hard drive. I don't watch TV anymore. What I watch is on online/on my computer.

    So the first one I ripped went well as far as I can tell. I am hoping the audio is synced with the video, looks like it has.

    I created this poll to see what peoples thoughts where about whether I should be saving them as OGM or AVI. Is their a difference in quality? Does AVI take longer then OGM (Which takes about 5-6 hours for one movie.)

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    I voted for AVI but not for the reasons of technical merit. It's important to remember that OGM (ogg) and AVI are both merely container formats, not the data stream/encoding. While I think Ogg Theora which would the actual video format in OGM is excellent I would choose AVI which is more commonly associated with DivX/XviD. This is essentially ubiquitous across all manner of devices, you can generally play them on portables, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and most software players on PC. For that reason alone I would use it as I am a pragmatist and I'd hate to have data that I couldn't use as I pleased.

    With all that said I'd be watching the MKV container - Matroska. It has been chosen by DivX networks as their future container and it is fully open source. It is aimed at high-definition content from what I hear . Aside from just being a good format I would guess that it will be picked up by hardware manufacturers supporting and licensing DivX codecs due to it being in the new spec for their format.

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    Well I tried using OGMrip and ripping to .avi, it is not working out at all. Video is poor. Audio is poor, skips or isn't there. Since I am really not worried about viewing these movies elsewhere I am just going to stick with .ogm for now. I am sure I can convert them as needed, if needed, in the future.

    It takes so long though, 5-6 hours total for each movie. I should be done sometime in 2020, lol.

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    I voted AVI just because of familiarity.
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    Yes, I voted AVI because I'm used to it, but I haven't tried ripping any movies to it.
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