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    Video Editor / Movie Maker Development Contributions

    Video Editor / Movie Maker Development Contributions

    This isn't another thread to ask whats the best movie editing software, I have tried all the options and unfortunately there are no really good consumer level video editing applications available.

    I have used Ubuntu for about 4 years now and there has never been a decent movie maker application and i honestly believe it really lets linux down.


    What I would like to do:

    Work with canonical and the gnome project and encourage linux users make financial contributions to fund the development of a consumer grade video editing software along the lines of windows movie maker and imovie.

    What I would like to hear:

    Peoples ideas for starting such a project
    Is there is a need for such a project?
    How it would work? (new project, develop current application)
    Would people be willing to donate?
    Ideas how to generate lots of interest and publicity

    Please try and post positive comments even if your against the idea.


    Please don't post:

    Have you tried kdenlive, pitivi, kino, cinelerra because I have and they all fall short of the mark.



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    Blackfooted Penguin daark.child's Avatar
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    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    I think a decent Video Editor or Movie Maker would be great (even better if it can also do conversion from one format to another). One thing I think you should do is work with all the major players and not just Canonical. There are a lot of very good developers who are employed or volunteer on other distributions and once you get your project up and running, they may help.

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    Thank you for your reply. I completely agree with getting other distros involved as the more people that get involved with the project the better the end result will be.

    At the moment I am wanting to get a feel if people would be interested in the project, once I am sure people will be able to back the project we can get some specifics put together.

    If you have the ability / access to post on other forums please get involved, we need to attract as much attention to the project as possible.

    kind regards,

    Daniel Wood

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    I feel the same way daarkchild, the only editor I have ever gotten to work at all was open-movie editor, and the pop-down menu's don't open on that, this is the ONLY reason I still have windas on one of my machines, Im not techy enough to understand why a simple editor cannot work in linux---I only need something as simple as windas movie maker---and NO kino does not work at all---will not read avi files--. this week im going to try the new Kdenlive 7.0......hoping for the best.....sigh

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    Thanks for your post. I completely agree. All most users want is a simple GUI based editing application similar to iMovie or windows movie maker.

    I really like the way pitivi is shaping up and it would be my choice to support this project but I want more people involved, getting behind this project and getting it moving.

    Thanks again,


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