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    Cool Games for my EeePC - Anything???

    I've got an EeePC Netbook running Xandros Linux, and I'm finding it difficult to find games that I'll be able to see the whole screen at one point. I've got the typical solitaire, and a couple of (pretty horrible) Linux themed games, but I need something a little more substantial (anything will do), perhaps like a collection of card games or an arcade game.

    I have a game called Bos Wars, tried playing that once, and now it won't open again because "Couldn't set 800x600x0 Video mode". Does anyone know where I could find more games that could run on it?

    Greatly appreciated,

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    Hi Inkstand and welcome to the forums. I have two EEE PC's and while it's kind of fun trying to find out just what they're capable of, I always try to remember that they were created for a fairly specific purpose. Cruise the Internet, check email, watch a Youtube video now and again and type a letter. If you can get them to do much beyond these rudimentary things then it's great fun! If not, you fall back on the fact that they still do what they were intended to do very well. I think you have to take this attitude with the EEE PC or they'll drive you crazy!
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    Thumbs up Emulators

    Try something called a Visual Boy Advance (VBA). I use it on an old desktop that has about the same stats. You can download roms over the internet. You could also get a DS emlulator . I'm not positive but it could probably handle it.
    Get them over the internet or go applications -> add/remove applications -> games -> either VBA express or DeSmuMe

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    The "press a key on the keyboard and watch it appear on the screen" game

    Keeps kids entertained for seconds on end!

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