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    as far as i know, ATi and microsoft have teamed up to make the new xbox 2. im happy about it, because now nvidia isn.t associated with microsoft anymore. i think nvidia is helping to make the ps3! als half life 2 and ATI joined forces to push each others products. again i couldnt care less since valve is just about as money hongry as microsoft.

    lets not forget who made the graphics proccessor for the g-cube.
    nVidia G-Force 6600GT (bfg) pci-e: amd 64 2000+ (939): 1024 corsair ram: 2X 80gb seagate harddisk SATA: plextor cd/dvd-read/write cdrom SATA

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    i am running FC3 x86_64
    and i have installed ut2004 as 'root' and as my user yet niether seem to work when i have installed them, i have run in a terminal and this is what it said, this includes me going into the directory which is on a mounted fat32 if that helps(at the time i am not root)

    [criz666@localhost ~]$ cd ..
    [criz666@localhost home]$ cd ..
    [criz666@localhost /]$ cd mnt
    [criz666@localhost mnt]$ cd D
    [criz666@localhost D]$ dir
    bt eXeem\ Downloads sharing\ of\ bears ut2004
    cd\ images My\ shared\ folder System\ Volume\ Information ut2004linux
    Downloads recycler temporary\ sharing\ of\ bears winmx
    [criz666@localhost D]$ cd ut2004linux
    [criz666@localhost ut2004linux]$ dir
    Animations ForceFeedback KarmaData Sounds System ut2004 Web
    Benchmark Help Music StaticMeshes Textures ut2004.xpm
    [criz666@localhost ut2004linux]$ ./ut2004
    bash: ./ut2004: /bin/sh: bad interpreter: Permission denied
    [criz666@localhost ut2004linux]$ sh ./ut2004
    ./ut2004: line 49: /mnt/D/ut2004linux/System/ut2004-bin: Permission denied
    ./ut2004: line 49: /mnt/D/ut2004linux/System/ut2004-bin: Success
    [criz666@localhost ut2004linux]$

    i get the same problem as root, can anyone help me?

    EDIT: I am using the GNOME desktop enviroment

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