My OS is OpenSUSE 11.1 64x, i did installed it be default and didn't customized it at all. I tried to play Postal2 game. But I have no sound in game. In the same time ALL audio players are working perfectly, sound is present.

I wander could it be becouse I have 3 audiocards, main audio card I use, - Creative Xtreme Audio, then I have Intel (that comes with my motherboard, I have disabled it in BIOS) and very old card Avance Audio (I use it becouse of gameport presence).

As I understand it could be becouse my Avance Audio card is first in the list of cards, so maybe Postal2 somehow sends sound only on primary audio card? Can I change the priority of cards, or just remove this unneeded device (I need it only under Windows). I need Postal2 to use my main card I use, which is Creative Xtreme Audio.

Sorry for mistakes in my english (my native is Ukrainian).

Thank you for your attention to my problem.