Hey all, I think this might be my first post or neaer as damnit! So hey!

I'm in the middle of redecorating my mums place and she wants to be brought right up to date with the latest stuff. So... here's my dilemma. I want her to have the best jukebox available. I can't find one that fits my specifications.

So here goes.

I would like a small touchscreen (widescreen if possible),
and software that will support it.

What I was thinking is to use a small ssd to store the OS on for quick booting. Another option is to try to hard wire a usb drive to the mobo somehow. In addition that that it would have a large capacity sata. I was thinking it should be controlled my an optional remote control.

Software wise, I was thinking something that could link to last.fm and be controlled well using a touchscreen. I'm not sure of its existance. Hence my post.

I'm continuing to google it, but I'm a little lost in what I should be doing. I've also looked on ebay and saw those touchscreen sheets for asus eepcs. Does anyone know what these are like. I'm thinking they might be poo, but i'm intribgued...

Cheeers for reading.