Hello, we are looking for help. We are developing a flash application in Facebook [Farm Valley] with the help of a software company based in China and, even though they have done a good job creating the game, we have encountered a problem that neither them, nor our server people seem to be able to fix.

Description of the problem:

As you can see in this video Farm Valley 01 on YouTube the game slows down only between the 1st and 2nd click. After that, the game seems to have caught the serverís attention and it begins to work perfectly, with no delays between clicks.

However, if the user pauses activity for a little bit, then the delay between 1 and 2 click comes right back.

Server and traffic information:

The app started just a few weeks ago so it does not have much traffic, which does not seem to be the problem because the delay happen even right after restarting the server.

The server has 2 quad core, 2.0 GHz CPUs. 2 hard drives and 8 GB of RAM which is running under 30% usage. Itís running Windows OS, mySQL and apache.

Would this app work better on a Linux server?

Please let us know if we should provide any additional information, any help with this is truly appreciated