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    Unhappy TV viewing with Bttv card

    Can somebody help me with the folloaing ?
    I am having problems in viewing TV programs using PIXEL view Tuner card under Linux Operating system (Fedora Core 5). The card is detected & the driver is properly loaded. However, none of the common TV software like XawTV, TV time, MythTV, MPlayer is able to work properly. Channel / Frequency scanning does not detect any channel. At the same time, the card works well on Windows using the honestech package.

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    pixelview cards r not very well supported. check hauppauge cards. cards having onchip encoders will not work with tvtime

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    Actually, there are some of the Pixelview cards listed in the bttv supported card list. More info on the bttv card family can be found here:

    Bttv devices (bt848, bt878) - LinuxTVWiki

    More info on your card can be found by running these commands:
    lspci -nn
    I had a bttv card, and played around with it to get it to work. To get a card to work, you actually need to know three things:

    Capture chip: You already know this? bt848/bt878
    Tuner chip
    Audio chip

    You then can load the bttv driver module, using options to specify the tuner and audio components of the card. This can get complicated, but if you want to get it to work it may be necessary.

    The first problem that I notice, is that you are using a VERY OLD version of Fedora. The most current version is Fedora 11, I urge you to first install that. As upgrade would not be possible, a new installation would be needed.

    If that is not an option, you should then try to install the latest drivers from the V4L-DVB web site. I would download the latest from their CVS/Mercurial repository. This requires first installing the Mercurial program. - CVS and Mercurial access

    Follow the instructions for installing. You may first need to install the kernel source and kernel headers.
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    A little more info, to make your head spin!

    In the driver source Documentation files, I found some info on loading the bttv module with the correct options:
    the bt848/878 (grabber chip) driver

    insmod args:
    card=n card type, see CARDLIST for a list.
    tuner=n tuner type, see CARDLIST for a list.
    radio=0/1 card supports radio
    This means, once you have determined the correct components on the card, you can then load them. You first need to unload the module. First gain root privileges using the su command
    modprobe -r bttv
    Then, once you have determined the correct parameters, you reload it with those parameters. Use the the card number from the list. And the tuner number from the tuner list. For example, let's say your card is #16 on the list, and you have the #38 PAL/SECAM tuner:
    modprobe bttv card=16 tuner=38
    Once you get the correct options to load the module, it can bet set to automatically do that. But I think that you are a long ways from that point.
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