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Thread: Media Linux 2

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    Question Media Linux 2

    I have recently become fascinated with multimedia Linux distros, and trying to find the best one.

    I came across Media Linux 2, which seemed to describe a lot of awesome applications, so I got the distro, put it in, turned on the computer, and it said it needed a Knoppix file system.

    Now, knoppix [I]is[I] a file system, so what am I meant to do?

    I am running Vista, which I cannot get rid of, because it has all my files on it, but wouldn't I have to make a partion for knoppix, so that Media Linux can work?

    How do I do this in knoppix, without deleting windows entirely?

    Sorry for the long post, but I really want this to work.

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    Knoppix is a LiveCD, it isn't meant for a HD install but you can do that if you are inclined.
    Can you post a link to this Media Linux 2? I can't find it anywhere.
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    This Saturday's AVLinux post will include MediaInLinux 3.0 as well (with 8 screen shots) in the Adventures in Linux MIDI thread.

    Otherwise this is the URL for a quick MediaLinux blurb and FTP download link

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