I'm happily using a Turtle Beach Audio Advantage Micro USB sound card on a
Dell Inspiron 5150 laptop (internal sound card has been dead a while).
I am now not getting sound out of Exaile (and Amarok) but sound is OK
in RhythmBox 0.12.0. I previously was able to set the sound engine
(Xine) in Amarok but that option went away when I upgraded Ubuntu to
9.04 - now there is no option to change the engine in Amarok.

I upgraded Exaile to newest version directly from website as a DEB. The
PLAYBACK option under Preferences does seem to allow a change to different
audio systems (ALSA, Pulse, OSS, JACK, etc.) but none work. Is there a
configuration file I can edit to set different parameters or is the graphic
interface in Exaile the only way to go?