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    I wanted to use it to record, i understand it's analog but wanted to give it a shot and see what I can get out of it.

    I did notice the directions after, just negligence on my behalf.

    I set it up the way it told me and when i click on mytv it says "MythTV is using all inputs, but there are no active recordings?"(then a box to click ok)

    I tried tv timer for the sake of trying it and that also does't recognize the tv tuner

    I'll probably purchase a new one for xmas and see if i have better luck.

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    If there are no active channels, then no program will work with it. You can use the video inputs if they are connected to a source. But that needs to be configured too.

    MythTV is somewhat complex, and I can't explain how to configure it in just a few sentences. There are plenty of MythTV How-To's out there already. Just Google for them.

    I will explain this:

    Mythtv is basically three programs

    The mythbackend is a server. It needs to run on the PC that has the TV/capture card. It also needs the mysql database too. It will serve any frontend, either on the same PC or any PC on the LAN.

    The mythfrontend is the program where you can schedule and watch programs, videos, music, DVDs, etc. It can be run on a PC without the backend, as long as it can connect to the PC that is running the backend. This is also where you configure the settings for that particular front end.

    Before you can run either the backend or frontend, you need to run mythtv-setup. Here you configure the capture card, schedule info supplier and outputs. You also tell it where to store the recordings. This is also where you would scan for channels. If you want to use the video inputs of your device, this is also where you set that up (video sources).

    Good luck! MythTV was the reason that I first started to use Linux. I not only had to learn MythTV, but a new operating system too.
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