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    [SOLVED] Stereo expand (CMSS-3D eq.) in Linux, does it exist?

    Hi all.
    I'm currently using Windows with my Creative X-FI XtremeMusic sound card, and Creative has this feature called CMSS-3D which allows you to expand stereo music to all of your speakers (I've got a 5.1 setup).
    I'd really like to switch full-time to Linux but my music is utterly important to me and I'm desperate to know if there is a feature like CMSS-3D available on Linux. Perhaps not in the driver but as a software plugin or just something that works?


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    I don't think there is anything as good as CMSS-3D or Dolby Pro Logic II available in software on GNU/Linux, so i just use an external Creative decoder which uses Dolby Pro Logic II or DTS Neo:6 to expand stereo input to 5.1 channels. I feed Audigy 2 digital out (S/PDIF) into it. It also decodes DTS and Dolby Digital 5.1 streams, which can be passed through the sound card without decoding. I also have a separate adapter for virtual surround in headphones, so i don't depend on any specific music or video player to do that.

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    Thanks for the reply avenir.
    You know what's funny? I've had the Logitech Z5500 for several years and it was only now when I read your reply about external decoders that I started thinking if the Z5500 doesn't have a built-in decoder. It does! Why on earth did I not think about that before now. It turns out there's a "Dolby Pro Logic II Music" setting which sounds almost identical to CMSS-3D, if not better.
    The conclusion: I don't need CMSS-3d anymore since my Z5500 have a built in decoder.
    Thanks again for the reply.

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