Hello All,

I've been reading up on fixes for this problem that I've been having as of late regarding flash. My computer's about a year old, relatively speedy, plenty so for flash at least. However, from time to time, maybe every five minutes, things slow to a crawl wherein my computer is responsive enough (like normal) but the flash window is basically moving in slow motion.

Here are some things that I've tried:
1. Installing the restricted drivers for my nvidia 8600 gt
2. Disabling/enabling hardware acceleration (tried it both ways)

Neither one of these seem to help. The funny thing is that I reformatted my drive, and prior to this, for whatever reason, things worked beautifully.

Also, this problem applies to flash when I run it in Windows as well, if at all pertinent.

If anyone has any quick fixes, maybe something that I've not thought of to try, I'd appreciate the assistance greatly.