It seems that there are some major bugs with Sound Juicer/Rhythmbox in Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic. Whats more bizare to me is that these seem to have been around for several years with fixes released but the bugs are still there. Google shows these problems quite a few distros back. But on with present.....

I've fixed some of them but the one which is getting me right now is the file size when ripping using variable bit rate.

I have Jaunty on my desktop and ripping CD's works fine. I rip using VBR and get high quality/small file sizes. HOWEVER, with recently installed Karmic on my Laptop the exact same ripped track is almost 50% larger!!!! The quality appears fine but I don't understand why the file size should be different?

I'll keep searching through the myriad of bugs relating to Soundjuicer in the past and present but if anyone else is experiencing this issue I would sure like to hear from you!