My DVR broke on me, it was running mythbuntu 9.10 lately they've just been getting sloppy on Quality control, I removed a nvidia driver it removed the whole mythtv package, I do a kernel update it breaks the system.

I decided to do a wipe and reload thinking maybe my install was corrupted.

I loaded the latest 9.10 mythbuntu but VBI support was broken, everything work short of mythtv crashing to desktop.


it only works on asus 7133 card and there's no support yet for the hvr1600, I'm fine with that, I don't use the hvr1600 much unless there's two things on at once.

I got pissed off, wipe and reload again and tried mythdora 10.21, it seem stable but old, didn't have support for my HVR1600.

Went back to mythbuntu and tried 8.04, I got my VBI *Closed captions* working but now the audio doesn't work, on one tuner card there's a high pitch whine I don't remember what I did to fix it and on the card, the audio works but has a chipmunk in the background reciting everything over again. The HVR1600 doesn't have support.

My logitech Logitech diNovo Mini as seen below... - Logitech diNovo Mini Black 63 Normal Keys Bluetooth Wireless Mini Keyboard - Keyboards

works on 9.10 but on 8.04 only the keyboard works and not the touch pad.

If you don't want to read the damn history here's the short

I'm thinking of getting a distro and installing mythtv, and few other things on it.

Whats a good distro that's stable and has modern support for hvr1600 and working VBI, and supports logitech bluetooth devices and the latest mythtv release?