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    [SOLVED] Wine and DirectX 9c, dxdiag.exe won't start

    I am using Wine 1.2-rc3, Ubuntu 10.04.

    I followed the instructions perfectly, word for word, from:

    Wine Review: How to install DirectX in Linux using Wine

    Everything went fine until I try to run wine /home/me/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32/dxdiag.exe

    Or I cd into the system32 folder, right click and run with wine. Permissions are set as executable, etc.

    But it does nothing. dxdiag.exe doesn't start at all. There are no errors in the terminal either. I enter the command and it acts like it is going to do something then just goes back to the command prompt.

    Anyone have any ideas on what I am missing?

    My goal is to get this working and see if I can get everything to work with World of Warcraft. I have an Nvidia GT 220 and I am getting very poor frame rates, so poor that I installed XP yet again just for World of Warcraft. I am hoping that getting DirectX installed and working that it will help the frame rate.

    This is very important. In another post here I mention that I will be building my own computer in about a year (taking that long to save up the money.) I keep wondering if I should just go ahead and get Windows 7. If this works then I won't be getting Windows 7 at all, which will save me about 320USD that I can use to purchase more RAM instead, (Or another GT220 (SLI) )

    Edit: I also edited the the WoW to use opengl, etc. didn't help the fps at all, which made me consider the directx 9c option instead.

    Edit II: Giving winetricks a try now, installing directx 10 now, I hope...

    Edit III: Still nothing. This is getting to be a pain in the......

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    Ok, I give up. I think keeping Windows for games is the only option for now.

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