Hi all.

The last time I checked the repositories, The latest version of OpenLieroX was 0.57.x. For me, this is too old, so I downloaded the source (o.58 rc3) from the dev's website, and then compiled the source.

[In case you'd ask why it's too old for me, it's because the last time me and my friends played this when I was back in Windows, The release candidate and the stable ones wont connect (says version too old). To be safe, I download the latest and the second latest. Either way, I don't like the stuff on the repos anyway. A little difference in the version numbers make me say no to installing them, unless I have no choice.]

The compiling part wasn't perfect. There were 2 errors. One about fstat not being declared (variable, I believe?), and something about google breakpad.

I can't do anything about the two errors, so I just disabled breakpad and compiled with "cmake . " T'went fine.

I ran the game. I get a black screen. Then when I try to click somewhere, that's the time I see something. It's some progress bar of the game.

The weird part is, when I click somewhere, it's as if I clicked a button. AN INVISIBLE BUTTON. I believe this is caused by the game screen not being updated.

Any ideas? I freakin love this game

Oh, by the way, I tried installing the 0.57 version from the repos. Same story.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I'm running Fedora13.