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That's why I use ffmpeg. It can rip videos to just about any format you want. FWIW, avi files are just wrappers over any number of other formats. You can rip to mpeg2, mpeg4, mastroika, x264, or avi, wmv, flv, etc. That's my preferred tool on Linux for video ripping and/or transcoding.
MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 are standards. You should not confuse standards with codecs. For example, if you compress a music file using Lame you will get MP3 file, not Lame file. MP3 is standard, Lame is codec.

x264 codec for instance is MPEG-4 compliant. When encoding with x264 the result will be MPEG-4.

Matroska, AVI, etc are containers. May contain multiple audio tracks and subtitles.