"Radio-like" more or less like youtube's "leanback" mode is tv-like. (If you like this concept, and you use google reader, you might want to vote for the suggestion of this idea suggestion for google reader, should be one of the first ones on the "new ideas" link)

Is there something like that? I'm looking for some podcast client in which you could essentially run it and forget about it; it would "randomly" (insofar as it does not imply in "dumbly") download some podcast episode from your subscribed feeds, and then would play them one after the other. You don't need to go on and play them one by one, nor they will play sequentially as the feed feeds them, but instead, it would be somewhat like a radio with a somewhat automatic and semi-customized programming.

I just hope it is not some basic, universal feature of podcatchers, because a little while ago I tried some, and I couldn't find such function. Them all looked to me more or less like media players whose playlists could be made from rss feeds. I guess the closest thing that I've found would be to play sequentially from a given feed, not shuffling between feeds. I'm re-examining them again, just in case I missed it, or it was implemented since them.

So, anyone knows anything like that? I don't even care for synchronizing features with external players.