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    Verify Movie File Integrity??

    Hey guys,

    I've got a lot of Media files all ripped into compressed formats. Wondering if theres a way I can verify that they will actually play through, as some have been downloaded off Bittorrent networks and files have been allocated full size prior to download and then discontinued - there are missing chunks in each file..

    At the moment I'm using 'mplayer -ao null -vo null -fps 99999 -msglevel all=1' but think there must be a better way, as theres false positives and negatives...

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    It depends upon the "wrapper" (avi, wmv, etc) more than anything else since the basic video streams are generally designed to work even if they have been somewhat munged. You will usually get some "artifacts" such as pixelation, drop-outs, etc when that happens, but mostly they should still work unless totally munged. In my opinion, the best tool for this is the Mark-1 Eyeball device.
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    To verify your media files, you should check the "wrapper" and use the Mark-1 Eyeball device to deal any happened problems.

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