Hello All,

I am having a little problem, a long time ago I bought myself the most amazing 3D Audio System. Seriously top of the line.
Although, my old system brokedown. And my new laptop doesn't have 7.1 Audio. But just 2.1.
SO, I bought myself a USB Remote AudioCard. Well it didnt work. But I never hoped it would work. It did just cost 20$.

Anywho, my MediaBox/DVDPlayer/TV has 7.1 and I came with the following idea.
I own two laptops, one mobile phone and one UMPC running Linux.
So I came with the following idea.
Is there a way to get a Virtual Audio card on those devices that would just Stream the Audio to the MediaBox so they ALL use my AudioSystem?
My Current Setup is the following:
[Laptop]<-Ethernet->[Router(1)]<-Ethernet->[MediaSystem(7.1 Audio)]
[Router(1)]<-Wifi->[Router(2)]<-Ethernet->The Mean Internet.

Since of this setup I doubt Ill have a lot of Package Dropping.
So, is there a way for this Virtual Remote Audio Card?