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    CentOS Music Player


    This may sound like a odd request but here goes:

    I am looking for a Music Player for CentOS that has a WebGUI frontend, that will allow you to play/pause/skip add/create playlists, all the usual controls for a music player via a WebGUI, not sure if something like this even exists?

    The reason is that I would like to play music in the office, but I don't have a machine to spare to load windows on and use a media pc, the other problem is because the linux box is techinically a development server and I don't want to load GNOME/KDE that will use up extra resources. So the WEBGUI is for ease of use for the rest of the peeps in the office that are not Linux/CLI inclined.

    Anyone know of anything?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    MPD + Music Player Daemon Minion, if you're using Firefox.

    Where is the music stored? Are you looking to stream music from the server to other computers? MPD has built in http streaming as of version 0.15, so it works well for that. (Though I'm sure, assuming CentOS has MPD in their repos, their version is much older and you may need to build a more current version.)

    There is a nice console client for MPD, ncmpcpp, that even a non-CLI type should be able to use fairly easily.

    VLC also has a web interface.
    Documentation:Modules/http intf - VideoLAN Wiki

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    I'm a big fan of xmms. It's great. Looks just like winamp - only way faster.

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    MPD is in the rpmforge repository for RHEL/CentOS.
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    Thanks very much for all the feedback, the VLC web interface is exactly what I am looking for.

    Just to make it clear for future reference for others that may come across this thread - basically what I wanted was just a "remote control" if you like for the music player, the means in this case is the WebGUI frontend for VLC to control volume etc of the music being played on the server.

    Thanks again for the help.

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