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    Streaming media online

    I am looking for a way to stream my home movies online, so I can personally access them from anywhere. I prefer to use divx or xvid in .avi (compression ratio, low bandwidth, and decent quality), but if i have to I can convert my files to a different format as long as it has good quality and movies cannot be over 1.4gbs because of my bandwidth... (damn the U.S. internet).

    I have tried using flash, but quality vs size of file sucks to bad. I have also tried using jinzora for .avi (has a lot of bugs). I am currently trying mediathomb, but I cannot figure out a way for me just to click on the file I want and open it with vlc without downloading the file. I have to manually add the link to vlc per indivisual file.

    I want a library type thing that I can just click on the file and play it. It doesn't matter to me if i have to open the file up in a client or on the web interface. I'd also like a way for it to tell me how many minutes have passed in the movie and how long the movie is when playing (ex: 34:00/1:25:00 instead of --:--/--:--).


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    can it automatically update the stream list? Say I uploaded a video to a folder and I wanted everything in that folder to stream can vlc automatically update the stream list?

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    I've never really explored its streaming capabilities, beyond knowing it can do it. There is a web interface, so presumably you can control it through that from the client computer. You could also ssh into the server and control VLC via the command line.

    VLC command-line help - VideoLAN Wiki

    Documentation:Streaming HowTo/Advanced Streaming Using the Command Line - VideoLAN Wiki

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    Well. I will try out vlc tomorrow and see what happens. Thanks

    If anyone knows of anything else i can try let me know please.

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    The only thing I can figure out with vlc player is specifying directly who i want to stream to. I personally can't figure it out using http only udp :/

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    Right now I am using divx web player and seems to be working well when streaming to another computer. I haven't figured out a real good solution though to stream to my android phone because apparently divx web player doesn't support andriod yet (or I just can't figure it out). I am using the samsung vibrant galaxy s.

    Anyways for computer to computer this is what I have so far and it works well for me:
    server side (under /var/www):

    My DivX Gallery script by Frostie (updated w/ login)

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