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    Home Media Server Suggestions

    I currently have a Win7 PC that I am thinking about turning into a media/NAS type setup (with Linux ) and looking for some recommendations.

    What I am wanting to accomplish is to have a system that is connected to the home network that allows for 3 things:

    1. Storage of important documents and drive images from other computers. This will either be a single drive or possibly a RAID 1 (mirror) setup. Either way I will have a second (or third in the case of a RAID setup) hard drive that is stored in a fireproof safe and I will regularly either duplicate the single drive to the backup (probably through a USB or eSATA external HDD dock or enclosure) or switch out one of the mirrors on the RAID (if rebuilding is automatic, haven't determined exactly if/how I will accomplish that).

    2. File, picture, Video Storage - A second drive will have media and general storage on it, will not be backed up but will not have anything vital on it, mainly just a repository for files to share and view.

    3. Media server - This computer will be hooked up to a large flat screen TV and will be used regularly for video playback, mainly avi files, but some mkv and possibly at some point HD files. At minimum it will need to be able to be connected to the TV and videos viewed, ideally I would like to be able to hook a remote up to it and have a setup similar to Windows Media Center. The OS will most likely be on this drive.

    What I am looking for are some recommendations for which distro would be best suited for that application, I don't need frills, and a GUI is mostly optional, though there would have to be at least a small program for playing/viewing media that was easy to use for my wife (she is fairly good with computers and can learn, but Terminal may be a bit much ). Not sure how much the disro could affect power consumption, but since it will most likely be left on most of the time every little bit helps.

    Any other recommendations (hardware suggested, programs for media playback, disc copy software, etc.) that could aid in achieving my set up are appreciated!

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    For me, server is a noisy box sitting in some closet, offering storage and running MythTV backend.

    In my living room I want to see a little quiet box running MythTV frontend, possibly LinuxMCE.

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    I'd combine the two instead of having multiple systems running 24/7. I've seen quiet frontends that suit most home media needs. Ubuntu with myth installed is a good option
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