I bought a Hauppage Nova-T Stick model 294.

I've had one of these (without IR) working on Ubuntu 9.10 very well with a small indoor directional antenna on the Mendip transmitter.

But now, on 10.04 (kernel I can't tune.

Results of w_scan -c GB:

Results of scan /usr/share/dvb/dvb-t/uk-SuttonColdfield :

Kaffeine found a few channels from one or two muxes (eventually, after pushing the aerial round a bit) but I receive no sound, no video, not even garbled digital signals.

MythTV can obtain a lock, but cannot get any channels off of it. Once it said "possible channels" but they were useless as I can't get onto "Watch TV" without it properly set up.

Can anyone help? Now using amplified indoor loop antenna with two telescopic aerials.

I'm currently about 3 miles away from the transmitter, looking straight at it (albeit no line of sight). The antenna is on top of the computer (will this hinder it?) but I've tried away, and the best signal I get (highest up?) is on top of the computer at 18% (so says Kaffeine).

Thanks in advance.