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    Quote Originally Posted by sgosnell View Post
    The Sansa Fuze is a good choice, I think. I really like mine. You won't find many with the capacity you want, but you can load a microSD card in the slot and get it. I have an older 4GB version, and with a 16GB card I have 20GB available, and the price wasn't that high. SD cards are cheap, and work well. I put Rockbox on mine, and find it's an improvement over the original OS.
    Quote Originally Posted by sgosnell View Post
    I have all my music on both my Fuze and my phone, approaching 16GB, and while I certainly can't listen to all of it in a day or even a week, it's convenient to have it with me and available for listening. The Fuze also accepts video, so you can put almost any video you like on it for viewing, and video takes up a lot of space. It's nice to have enough storage for whatever you find on the internet webtubez.
    Same here! I also have an older version of the Sansa Fuze and I can't complain! It hasn't disappointed me yet in the 2 years since I have it. It still runs smoothly and the battery holds for a little more than a day if I have it in use constantly. So far so good.

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    Yes, the Fuze has the best battery life of any device I've owned, by far. When fully charged, I can play mp3s for a couple of days, without stopping, if I could stay awake that long. I don't know about battery life while playing videos, I don't use them much on the Fuze, but I know that others do.

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