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    Alsa for Audio, what is it for Video?

    Hi all,

    I am new to the forum, and to Linux also...

    As I understand ALSA is the API for audio. I am wondering what is the equivalent API for video? Is it UVC? Basically I am starting to work on some VoIP stuff...

    Thanks for the help.

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    Well, I am a newbie too, but unless I misunderstand your question, I believe it's opengl for 3D accel. (Can be used for 2D as well, of course.)

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    From what I understand about OpenGL is that it is like DirectX on Windows. I dont think it is what I am looking for...

    Thanks for the input, though.

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    There is no one graphics framework.
    Drivers for the graphics cards are built as kernel modules or directly into the kernel.
    Support for graphical output is also partially built into the kernel, such as basic terminal text output, some framebuffer functions etc. The main graphics API, which is used to render your graphical desktop environment, is provided by X, which is an external component. OpenGL is a platform independent graphics framework for hardware accelerated (3D) graphics, comparable to DirectX. Graphics cards have to support OpenGL in order to use it.
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    I will make myself a bit more clear.

    For example, with ALSA, I can get the number of sound card with snd_card_next() function. So how do I get the video capture devices, i.e. usb video cameras?


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    Ah, you're talking about C programming? In that case, try video4linux here:

    I'm sure you can find other references too.


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    Thanks! This seems to be much closer to what I need!

    So where does UVC (USB Video Class) comes into play? Is it some layer written over video4linux? Or are they replace-able by each other?

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