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    [SOLVED] DVD playback issues

    I've been trying to get DVD playback working on my HTPC, and have had different issues with every player I've tried. I'll list every player I've tried and the issues, and hopefully somebody will have an idea on how to fix at least one.

    MPlayer: playback is smooth and everything seems perfect. However, if the DVD is dual layer, once it hits the boundary between the layers, the video will freeze for a good 5-10 seconds and the audio may also skip before it corrects itself. I tried setting a large buffer, as well as both disabling frame dropping and enabling hard frame dropping, though nothing seems to fix that transition.

    VLC: playback is smooth, and the transition between layers in a dual layer DVD is fine. However, in around 20% of DVDs, the audio will cut out for a split second at periodic intervals.

    Xine: playback is jerky at regular intervals for a number of DVDs, though audio and the layer transition are smooth. If I disable vsync under xine's options the playback will be smooth, though there will be a massive tear in the middle of the screen.

    Totem: playback seems to be smooth (I didn't test this part as thoroughly) but there don't seem to be any decent deinterlacing options. I enabled deinterlacing option hidden in gconf, but the video quality is still terrible.

    I am running Debian Squeeze, though I compiled my own kernel ( using the Debian kernel configuration) to support my audio hardware fully. I'm using the open source Radeon drivers, with vsync enabled at the driver level. All of the video players are using the XVideo video driver and Alsa audio driver, using spdif passthrough. I suspect that the VLC and Xine issues are caused due to vsync being forced in the Radeon driver configuration, but there's no other way I can see to prevent video tearing.

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    To follow up, I was able to fix MPlayer's issues by enabling DVD navigation. I wasn't able to fix the other player's issues, but at least this provides one player (and my top choice at that) for me to use.

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