hello, i recently switched to using Slackware after using Debian for the better part of 10 years and in Debian I never had to work with issues with alsa as it was always configured to my soundcard perfectly(snd-hda-intel STAC9221 on a macbook first gen) but now I have it working fine but in Debian there was a switch labeled line in as output, which when checked did exactly that, my headphone jack has been broken for a long time so for headphone use I just used line in, but now that switch is not there, I have been trying to set "options snd-hda-intel" to different models and none have worked, I can't seem to find any documentation on this switch and would really appreciate if anyone knew how I could enable this switch. I am using the latest version of alsa 1.0.24 compiled from source from alsa's site sound works fine out of speakers. Any help would be appreciated.