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    Problem installing World of warcraft

    I have the basic gist of how to do it, I have all the discs and am in the process of copying the data to my harddrive. I'm on the 2nd disc (burning crusade) and from what I read I'm supposed to only copy the mpq file, i look at the disc properties and it says there is 6 items, but it is only showing me 2. the installer.exe and the directX file.
    I read this one forum that said that some discs have the mpq files hidden and to unhide them I need to type "sudo umount /dev/cdrom" and then "sudo mount -t iso9660 -o ro,unhide /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom0/ " now it might just be my uber newbness showing, but I copy and pasted the 2nd one and it told me "mount: mount point /media/cdrom0/ does not exist" Please help this newb be a little less newb

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    Yes, I follow that exactly as it says, I have already copied disc one to a directory (the copied content says brasero-0.iso though, which seems weird) but I can't find the mpq files on any of the other discs.

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    sudo mount -t iso9660 -o ro,unhide /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom0/

    I'm needing to use that line to install world of warcraft, am I supposed to replace some part of that with something relevant to myself? because every time I enter it in i get "/media/cdrom0/ does not exist" please help, thank you

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    I don't know if it's the ideal solution, but whenever that happens I always just create the directory:

    sudo mkdir /media/cdrom0
    And then run the code.

    There's probably a better way that someone more advanced than me can tell you though

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