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    Lightbulb need mp3 checker/valid and nuke all those that fail

    I've tried all of these from my parents ~/Music folder

    it does not search for a single thing.

    i would also like the log dumped to user mp3 dir as mp3del.log

    i have this script

    script to remove mp3info detected bad files

    #!/bin/bash while read -r line; do if grep "is - Bobcat

    and that does work.

    i would like to do one run through inside my ~/Music and have it go in and out every folder checking for good or bad mp3 using mp3gain and then log to parent directory mp3bad.log or some such. then i'd like a script that will nuke every no valid frame mp3 file that is containted within the log.

    my bad -- this right here *IS* creating a mp3.log file for me

    THIS WORKS BUT PRODUCED 0 size flie to directroy.

    find . -type f -iregex '.+\.mp3' -print0 | xargs -0 mp3gain 2>&1 | grep "Can't find any valid MP3 frames in file" > /tmp/mp3.log
    anyone know an easy way to delete those files in the log ?

    thank you

    ALSO -- still need to know how to delete 25 second or shorter mp3 songs for the utlimate clean up.

    you can only see as far as you thinkd a private message to swimfish

    actually -- that log file ended up having 0 bytes. not sure what to think of that. if it had no matches, then cool. i don't know how i'd get cut off mp3's and have it still pass that bash parameter so if anyone can write a one liner or a script to nuke -Rf inside of ~/Music all files that are 25 seconds or less.

    thanks guys and gals !

    you can only see as far as you think

    scripts included
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