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    Unhappy Installing Halo off of a Mac CD?

    Hey guys,

    I'm incredibly new to Linux and I am currently using IGOLAWARE 2.0

    I have no idea how to install a game (Halo: Combat Evolved) off of a CD and convert it onto Linux. Can I use Wine at all?

    Thanks a lot for your help!


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    First, if it is a Mac CD, then no, Wine is only for Windows things. Second, Wine does NOT work well with many games because there are problems with graphics card drivers.

    If you like Non-Open-Source games, I'm sorry to say this but you will have no choice but to stop using Linux. I would encourage you to give up any Non-Open-Source software and use only Linux-friendly software from now on because, unfortunately, games are a political issue, not a technology issue.

    Game makers are always like,
    If you don't play the game using the computers we tell you to, then screw you! Don't play our game!
    And they can get away with it too; no one challenges them and they make billions of dollars telling you how to have fun, why should they suddenly change their mind and say, "hey, maybe we should let people enjoy our game using whatever the technology they like."

    No. They make plenty of money by screwing their customers because their customers never complain about games not being open-source.
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    Thanks a lot for your answer! It seems I will have to find some other games.


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    In my experience, halo dont works with wine.

    But we have a excelents FPS in linux, try "Tremuloues".

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