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    But Linux is slowly begining to beat M$ if you go by the numbers. A Linux dominated computing world is a lot more likely than world peace, especially given how much other countries use it.
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    i think a little more unification in linux would speed things up a little. we realy dont need 100 distros. take the work used to make multiple programs that do the same thing and use it to make one superpower program capable of everything and still very efficiant. that and linux becoming a little more user friendly. its pretty close though, in two years i bet we will see linux come pre-installed on many computer assemblers in stores. realy thats why microsoft does so well. i find that many people that have a computer realy dont know much about it. ill ask a friend what kind of video card they have and they wil tell me there system memory! many people dont care what they have, just as long as it works and they dont have to do anything extravagant to make it work. over the years thats where microsoft has put there attention to, automating things and making pretty pictures all over the place regardless of how much memory it uses. windows does all of this and it works, just, not realy all that great. unfortunatly it has been left to other companies to make programs to fix what microsoft ignores, things like virus protection and firewalls, (well sp2 has a firewall and popup blocker.), good defrager and the like. linux doesnt have the ease of use windows doesl but it also doesnt have those major problems windows has. and for linux to fix its problems we just need some people to sit down and make some relitivly simple programs that have a gui based configuration tool. windows would need much of it to be compleatly rewriten.
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