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    Question video editors in linux

    Hi, sorry if my english is a little bad xd.

    my video editors as OpenShot, PiTiVi, cinelerra Kdenlive, and others, each time i have a lot of bugs

    video editors always close suddenly, not properly rendered videos, video editors are frozen.

    my system is fully updated, and I have the nvidia proprietary drivers installed and 3d acceleration.

    I use gnome.

    currently use Ubuntu 10.10 but this problem happened to me all the distributions I've used:
    ubuntu, fedora, opensuse, pclinuxos, pinguyOS, etc, etc, etc.

    hopefully can help me.

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    Are you running Compiz?
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    I am not sure if this is going to help you, it did help me.
    I tried them all, en ended up with opensuse being the only reasonably stable, reliable distro.

    I do a lot of raw DVB TS and VOB stuff, then edit the advertizements out, sometimes convert stuff to mp4 for playstation 3 / android tablet.
    I do not make video myself, so no advice there.....

    - do not use gnome. it is buggy, unstable and the cause of lots of graphics related crashes.
    - use KDE, 3.5 (old) or 4.6
    - opensuse is fine, as long as you use yast and do NOT go outside it with stupidly copying tarballs into your system: you will always get screwed that way. anyone saying otherwise, does not know what he's talking about.
    zypper / yast is very fast (much faster than anything else, as a matter of fact) and they are good. which sometimes means you cannot install something, because it would screw your config.

    i use
    - PS3 media server for streaming the stuff
    - some cinelerra (packman distrib) (I dont need all those features very often, so experience is very limited)
    - dvbcut (for transfer streams, sattelite video)
    - avidemux-qt
    - mencoder command line
    - devede for dvd ( make a dvd in 10 minutes, without re-rendering your already mpeg-dvd compliant video material !!)
    - ffmpeg
    - subtitlecomposer
    - kaffeine & xine
    - audacity for audio recording and editing.

    just my experience,

    good luck


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    Maybe its compiz, install "fusion.icon" package, and disable compiz to use metacity.
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