I'm doing a bit of work for my in-laws, looking for a music player with a specific purpose in mind. They do a fair bit of dancing and want to bring the music for the dancing into a digital format.

Searching is important to them, but each song may have many versions (recorded by different artists etc.), which I don't think will be a problem, a search for a specific song will just bring up a list.

The main thing which is a bit different is that for each song they need a list of dance moves / patterns, so there has to be a large text field in the track database. Preferably this field should be ith itdisplayed when a track is played, or definitely easily accessible.

Although my in-laws are reasonably technologically savvy, the main person picking the songs and calling out the patterns is most definitely not, so a degree of simplicity is needed.

They want to run this off a little Acer netbook, it has Windows 7 on it, but they don't really get on wIth it (they can't get past win xp), so he wanted to try linux. I've put lubuntu 10.10 on a usb stick which seems to run nicely, I might try a couple of other distro's to see which he likes best.

So it really brings it back to the post title, are there any music players which fit the bill?

Any thoughts on this would be great.